How to Consistently Generate More Sales for Your Business at A Profit, Without Sacrificing Your Time or Values

Do you already have a business you’re running (product or service you’re selling) but not satisfied with the revenue your business is generating?

Do you want to be able to reach more people and make even more sales…

...and not just more sales, but more profits too? (Seriously, if it’s not profitable, it doesn’t make sense!)

Would you like to have a system that predictably generates leads and sales for your business on a consistent basis?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I got something for you.

Who Am I?

I’m Oludami Yomi-Alliyu. I’m a lawyer turned digital marketing professional, certified by DigitalMarketer.
I’m also a direct-response copywriter trained and verified by the American Writers & Artists Inc.

I’ve been featured in major global publications like Entrepreneur, ThriveGlobal, EcommerceNation, MSN, etc. (Google me!)

But, trust me...those are not the important parts.

I started BeauCrest as a "side hustle" and my foray into ecommerce in November 2017.

Almost 3 months after launch, I was still struggling with making any reasonable sales.

I put the business on hold for a few weeks, in search of a permanent solution: how to actually sell online (not add another certification for a trendy marketing tactic).

And yes, I finally cracked the code to making sales online.

I applied it to my business and relaunched January 21, 2020, and then I began to consistently generate 5x return on my ad spend (investment in ads).

In just one week, we made more sales than we did in over 2 months.

By the time we'd spent about $4,400 on ads, we'd sold 1,480 soaps (at $16 average), built an email list of 19,319 women and a social following of over 11,000 women.

And in 2019, we launched two of our own proprietary products; an organic soap and an organic moisturizer.

Using the exact same funnel, we've sold thousands of these new products!
Well, this worked well for our skincare brand, even though we advertised on a very low budget.

But I wanted be sure this wasn't all a fluke.

So I applied the same system to an eBook I tried selling back in 2016 with the Product Launch Formula but failed...

...and this time I started making profits even at the frontend.

Without any upsell sales, I was generating over 3x return on our ad spend. On the frontend!

Here is a screenshot of one of the ads I was testing for the eBook:
That's one ad that generated 58 leads and 10 sales with $34...and each sale was worth $12.

I got so excited! I obviously had something special in my hands.

Since then, I’ve further developed the system and helped several goal-driven and determined entrepreneurs like you boost their business sales profitably.

Got a private school about a hundred leads; 5 students resumed other classes with them, but we doubled their entry class registration (100% over the previous year)…all from just one ad that ran for less than a month.
We also were able to get hundreds of leads per month for a makeup studio. In fact, they got 37 leads the first day their ad went live.
We've gotten awesome results (leads, sales and profits) in countless other industries, using this same system: fashion, men's health, services, digital products, etc.

It has now become my mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to grow their business by installing into it a system that consistently generates sales for them at a profit.

The Birth of A System

This same system that I've used over the years has now become so refined that, if its pillars are installed correctly, there's hardly any business it can't help to generate sales from the internet *profitably*!

I named this proprietary system The Septuplar Sales System.
It's a very simple system, yet also very easy to mess up and not get results.

But if you can successfully install the Septuplar ("7-pillar") Sales System into your business...the correct way, selling profitably will become so easy for you online.

Let me quickly run you through the 7 pillars of this magical sales system! (If you hired me today to work on your business, these are the same 7 areas I'd focus on.)

1. Audience

We'll identify who you truly serve (and/or should be serving) and learn everything we can from them, till we know them more than they know even themselves – especially what they want or desire, their pain points and fears, how they prefer/want to be spoken to, where they hang out, etc.

These are part of the exercises in what I call "Audience Intelligence."

Without knowing this person so well (and catering to them), your business cannot grow to its full potential and you’ll only keep struggling.

And as you'll soon learn, knowing this person so deeply will make our work easier in the other pillars.

2. Offer

Once we know this person’s Point A (where they are) and Point B (where they desire to be), we can then decide on the perfect vehicle/solution.

Yes, this will include your current product or service...but beyond that, we'll add any other thing necessary to get them their desired results. ..even if we have to create new solutions from scratch.

This is how to make your offer irresistible.

Without creating a powerful offer that your dream customer will be certifiably insane to refuse, and giving them the feeling of “this guy/gal gets me”, you won’t be able to attract and sell to a lot of your dream customers.

3. Messaging

Just as every corporate body is expected to have its mission statement, every business should also have other core messages, from which every other form of communication will be created.

Your core messages will communicate your value to your dream customers in a way that builds in them an instant connection with your business.

It’s your attractive messaging that will call out your own people to you – the people you’re called to serve – and repel every other person.

Without such powerful core messages, you’ll only keep struggling with selling your value and solutions to the right people.

4. Funnel

While everybody focuses on the funnel itself, it's just one pillar, out of 7, necessary for your business to sell profitably and grow successfully.

Your funnel simply helps you to optimize and even automate your sales process, to ensure you seamlessly convert your dream customers from strangers to actual buyers and repeat buyers (and even brand advocates).

You have to present your offer in a timely manner, not asking too much too soon or too little too late.

With your funnel, you’re able to layer offers upon offers in a way that seems natural to your dream customers, and they keep buying till you can indeed serve them at the highest level – the very top of your value ladder.

5. Copy

Each step of your sales funnel would require powerful and persuasive sales communication that doesn’t only compel your prospect to take the action you desire, but also seamlessly ease them to the next level in your funnel.

Based on all we learned about your audience and the attractive messaging we’ve created at this point, you’ll be able to craft persuasive copy for each step of your funnel, from your ads to your sales closer (sales letter, video sales letter, webinar, sales call, etc).

6. Traffic

At this stage, your funnel is ready. But it won’t generate any sales if nobody sees it. In fact, the number of sales you make is directly related to the number of eyeballs you can drive to your offer.

They however must be the *right* eyeballs, or they’ll be as useless as getting no eyeballs, if not worse. Good thing is, during Audience Intelligence, we already know where your dream customers hang out.

We simply take your irresistible offer to them, and then attract and convert as many of them as possible, with the power of persuasive copy.

If you’re ever going to achieve any freedom as an entrepreneur, these are the people that would be responsible for it!

7. Optimization

Rarely is there a sales campaign/funnel that reaches its full potential right out of the gate. Therefore, notwithstanding the results you get from your launch, you need to optimize your sales system for better performance.

For example, if your launch fails, which is perfectly normal, you tweak your funnel or the entire system, based on raw data gotten from the results of your launch.

If your funnel succeeds and becomes profitable instantly, or even breaks even (yes, a campaign breaking even is a success, if you truly understand the concept of funnels), you also tweak it, one element at a time, one step at a time, to get even better results.

I love to say: the difference between a wildly successful funnel and a so-so or even mediocre funnel is optimization.

If you never settle for less, but instead keep looking for ways to improve the results you’re getting from your business, achieving your goal of growth and freedom becomes faster. This is the only way to beat “industry standards” and outsell your competition.

Can I Help You?

If you’re reading this, then I know that your business isn’t generating the number of leads you want, and neither is it making the number of sales you desire.

Perhaps your business is producing customers, but the profit margins are too low for your liking...and it might be hard to grow/scale that way.

Most entrepreneurs spend an awful amount of time, money and energy on their business, and yet they aren’t getting the results they are working so hard for.

And you’re probably feeling: “if only I could reach more people without spending so much money” or “if only I could convert more of the people coming into my website/funnel”.

This is why I’d like to show you how to generate more leads and sales than you’re currently doing. And most importantly, generating even more profits at the same time!

Together, I’d like us to figure out exactly what is holding you back from achieving your goals, and how to overcome those obstacles.

With my proven 7-pillar proprietary sales system (The Septuplar Sales System) correctly installed in your business, it’s practically impossible to not start generating leads and sales at a profit, consistently and predictably.

Here's a chat I had with one of my coaching clients, Carlton, at two different times. He had issues with his funnel software and while we were waiting for Support to resolve it, he thought to just play around Facebook Ads, testing some things he learned from me.
With less than $170, he got 25 leads, 5 of whom booked appointments, and 3 people bought from him.

I MEAN...HE SOLD 3 CARS (between $15k to $20k -- that's a total of...let's say $50,000 on average)...WITH LESS THAN $170 IN ADVERTISING!

Even to me, it's mind-blowing... But these are the kind of shocking results you can expect, even when you've only installed about 60% of the Septuplar Sales System in your business.

Now, the question I'm asking you is: CAN I HELP YOU?

Can I help you to start generating sales and profits from your business like you've never experienced before?

You don't even have to hire me yet or even pay to get on phone with me... My proposal is: let's get on the phone and talk...let's discuss to see how and if I really can help you start getting crazy results and achieve your goals as an entrepreneur.

All you have to do is simply click the button below to book a quick call with me for FREE; you'll be taken to a page where you fill a form and book a time on my calendar.
I look forward to getting on the call with you and getting to know you more...but most importantly, discovering exactly how I can help you grow your business and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams through consistent, profitable sales.

Talk soon,

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